Facetime Camera Not Working Issues [Fixed]

If you are a iOS or Mac device user then you might have come across “FaceTime Camera not working” issues. It is quite common to face errors while using FaceTime app on Mac devices that includes Apple id or iTunes id errors, password errors etc. Your search for FaceTime Camera not working made me compose this article for you people. Today I am going to give all the details for FaceTime Camera issues fixes in the below words. I have dedicated this page to those people who have been suffering from FaceTime camera issues. If you are one among those people, then check for the fixes stated here.

Facetime Camera Not Working:

facetime camera not working

In these days, most of the Mac users are facing FaceTime Camera not working issues. Generally, Apple will work better than any other equipment but sometimes we can’t imagine the problems that you might come across while using various applications. It is stated that people are facing some Camera errors from time to time due to device issues. Whenever the luckiest Mac user is busy in trying to make a FaceTime call it shows “There is no Connected Camera”. If you are the one who is fingering FaceTime camera not working issues then you might have been frustrated with this dialogues box displayed on your MacBook.

Most commonly this error can be seen on devices like iMac or MacBook Pro/ Air of OS X from Lion to Mavericks or OS X Yosemite version. FaceTime Camera not working issue can be seen when you are dealing with FaceTime Video, iMessage, Photo Booth etc. Whenever people come across this issue, they assume that it is due to the harware problem. But it is not due to hardware issues and you can easily solve this FaceTime camera not working issues by checking the solutions provided here.

FaceTime Camera Not Working – Fixes:

To enjoy using FaceTime on your Mac or iOS device, you need to fix FaceTime camera not working issues. The fixes provided here may help you in solving FaceTime Camera issues on your device. Categorize your FaceTime Camera issue and find the fix for your problem from the points given below.

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Check Whether Your Camera is Connected or not:

  • Troubleshoot your Mac or iOS device camera issues by using any other applications that use the camera like iChat or PhotoBooth.
  • Now test the camera which is provided with your MacBook with another FaceTime account.
  • Try to unplug the FireWire cable from your PC and then plug in again to check whether your camera works or not.
  • Your camera will be fixed if these were the backdrops for FaceTime Camera not Working issues.

FaceTime Camera not Connected in the display:

  • When your MacBook camera is busy with internal Camera, it may not show the connection in the display.
  • But you can easily enable the camera manually if your display shows FaceTime Camera is not connected to the display.
  • Open FaceTime app on your MacBook and the open the menu to select Video.
  • Check your Camera settings to know its connections i.e FaceTime HD camera(Display)/ FaceTime HD Camera(Built-in)/ iPhone.
  • Choose FaceTime HD camera Display if the other camera option is enabled so that you can use FaceTime as before.

Command Line help to Force Quit:

  • If your FaceTime Camera still shows the same error then you need to seek the help of the Command provided here.
  • Firstly, quit all the running applications on your MacBook which have been using the camera like iChat, FaceTime, Photo Booth, Skype etc
  • Now open Launchpad on your MacBook and tap on Terminal to view applications and utility directory so that you can enter the command.
  • Once you enter Sudo Killall VDCAssistant command in the terminal, you can move to FaceTime app.
  • Try to use FaceTime to make video or audio call and then your camera starts responding.

Activity Monitor app:

  • Turn of all the apps that have been using Camera and then open Activity Monitor app from Utility Folder.
  • Now tap on the top left button where it shows Process Name at which you can find VDC Assistant in the list provided and click on it.
  • Once the list is placed in the alphabetical order then tap on X icon to close the process.
  • Now you can enjoy using FaceTime Camera without any not working issues.

Hope the methods stated above will solve your Facetime Camera not Woking issues. If you are still dealing with FaceTime Camera not working issues then comment your problem in the box provided below so that we could provide the best fixes for your problem.

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